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We recommend the organic fertilizer MALTAFLOR for the ideal supply of nutrients for your turfgrass. In addition to the main nutrients NPK, it contains lots of vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals, amino acids and phyto hormones.

The main ingredients of MALTAFLOR are malt sprout roots. These first cells, which are developed by the barley grain in the first growing phase, are true powerhouses. Additionally, Maltaflor includes after-products of the sugar beet processing. Thus, the composition of the plant nutrients is optimized for lots of applications. The containing plant hormones lead to a growth of the root mass, so the plants can better resist drought stress.


  • NPK 8-3-5
    70 % org. substance

    Granulated fertilizer for the maintenance of established grass fields or freshly-laid turfgrass


    Seed-o-gran PLUS is a specialized fertilizer with a fine granulation. The composition of the nutrients is optimized to support the growth of the grass. The combination of organic slow-release fertilizer and fast-acting nitrogen is ideal for the maintenance of intensively-used grass fields. It is effective right after the treatment. A special benefit of Seed-o-gran PLUS is its function as a root stimulant, which leads to a firm turf and guarantees a lasting usability of the field.

  • NPK 5-3-8
    70 % org. substance

    Granulated fertilizer for lawn maintenance and fall fertilization

    Seed-o-gran FINALE has generally the same benefits as Seed-o-gran PLUS.

    The higher amount of potassium makes it the perfect product for fall fertilization in gardens and on intensively-used sport fields.

Seed-o-gran PLUS + Seed-o-gran FINALE ára: EUR 61,50 / 25 kg bag incl. 20% VAT